Debt Recovery Services

DAVIS AND GOLDMARK provides a variety of professional debt recovery solutions and services to fit each client:

Credit Bureau Reporting

Credit bureau reporting is a powerful leverage tool to optimize recovery of delinquent accounts. All inventory is updated monthly and adheres to all compliance guidelines outlined by the
Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Attorney Review & Collection Litigation

DAVIS AND GOLDMARK has established preferential contingency rate plans with licensed attorneys worldwide who are bonded through the General Bar.

Tailored Collection Strategy

DAVIS AND GOLDMARK has a professional staff that immediately begins collection procedures using proven methods, which emphasize personal and direct collection techniques.

Skip Tracing, Asset Search, & Analysis of Confidential Records

When more extensive investigative reporting is required, our experienced collectors utilize advanced skip tracing methods with the most up to date public and confidential databases available.

Payment in Full Demands

Our collection strategy emphasizes and incentivizes payments in full as the primary method of collecting a delinquent balance.

Settlement and Payment Plan Negotiation

When payment in full as a priority option has been exhausted, our  collectors skillfully negotiate pre-authorized settlement arrangements and payment plans.

IT Staff Support

DAVIS AND GOLDMARK employs proficient IT staff who can work with your file layout and billing platform to ensure proper and complete data extraction when placing accounts for collection.

Client Web Portal

Cutting edge technology provides DAVIS AND GOLDMARK clients with secure online access to a variety of status reports and daily account updates. Status on an individual account or a group of accounts, using any parameters you choose, is available 24/7 through our secure website and your client login.

Client-dedicated Support Staff

An experienced account manager assigned to your company is always available to provide knowledgeable input, answer questions and provide guidance in decisions regarding your accounts.

Customized Reporting

Updated status on accounts is available at any time through our secure client web portal. We can accommodate more customized reporting.

Advanced Data Analytics

DAVIS AND GOLDMARK uses high-level methods and tools in analyzing variables such as industry, location, and debt type to customize collection strategies to optimize collection of your delinquent accounts.

It’s time to recover your bad debt!