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Commission is contingent upon collecting; in other words, you have nothing to lose in placing your accounts with DAVIS AND GOLDMARK.  We offer a cost effective standard rate scale for commercial accounts and a standard range for consumer accounts.

DAVIS AND GOLDMARK has established preferential contingency rate plans with licensed attorneys worldwide who are bonded through the General Bar. The most difficult to collect accounts may be qualified for attorney referral and collected by Attorney Demand or Litigation methods under our management.

Specialty rates for high volume assigners, high dollar accounts, early delinquencies, and accounts outside the U.S. and Canada are determined upon additional analysis prior to placement.

Shopping Rates

Unfortunately, there is a common notion among many credit managers that collection agencies are standard in their collection methods, so choosing the agency that offers the lowest rate seems to make sense. However, collection services and strategies vary widely, making it important to assess the value of the commission rate.

DAVIS AND GOLDMARK goes to exhaustive lengths to obtain maximum results. This includes thorough skip tracing, asset searches, and multi-phase personal collection. If necessary, we leverage attorney involvement for the most difficult accounts. After all, the lowest rates mean nothing if your money is not collected.

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