DAVIS AND GOLDMARK maintains a diverse yet focused collection portfolio of consumer and commercial accounts that provides specialized experience in a controlled group of industries, allowing for greater liquidation success.

Selected commercial (business to business) industries:

  • Major Medical (Hospitals, Clinics, Private Practice)
  • Specialized Medical (Dental, Vision, Veterinary, Laboratories, Rehab & Long term Care) 
  • Retail (Automotive, Department Stores, Small Business)
  • Membership & Tuition (Health & Fitness, Sports, Schools, Lessons, Instruction)
  • Local Government (Cities, Counties, Public Utilities, School Districts)
  • Funding (Unsecured Loans)

Selected consumer (business to individual) industries:

  • Insurance & Benefits (Auto, Home, Life, Property, Veteran)
  • Medical (Laboratories,  Products, Instruments, Medical Technology)
  • Automotive (Auto, Motorcycle, Recreational Dealerships)
  • Wholesale & Retail (Merchandise, Printing, Shipping)
  • Construction (Heavy Equipment, Sales, Service, Rental, Installation)
  • Industrial & Manufacturing (Glass, Wood, Metal, Plastics, Chemical, Iron Fabrication)
  • Research & Development (Data Management, Licensing & Standards)
  • Marketing & Technology (Web Design, Alarm Systems)
  • Professional Services (Attorney, Mediation, Architecture, Accounting, Appraisal)
  • Funding (Unsecured Loans)